Saturday, February 2, 2013

World Taking Shape

With Solar Vengeance wrapped up and submitted to the iTunes App Store, I've begun working on a version of WinWar II for the iPad.  It only makes sense that I title the App "iWarII" since I've moved from Windows to iOS development.

Treading familiar ground here again by developing my MapSet Editor tool in conjunction with the game itself.  We start with a smattering of zones in Europe and a couple of sea zones, and will build out until the whole world is completed.  This time I built in a nice feature into the MapSet Editor that lets me load reference images to correctly establish the shapes of the nations.

Ideas for game play itself are also brewing.  I want iWarII to be focused on managing your forces, and your commanders.  Each nation will have a number of randomly generated commanders, complete with portrait images and randomly generated, but reasonable sounding, names.  Each commander will be able to issue a number of orders to units in their vicinity, and units will fight more effectively when they are closer to a commander.  Units will fight best when a commander is actually attached to them.

The commanders will represent probably the most important resource in the game, with their limited capacity to issue orders.  You'll have to move and manage them efficiently as you execute your battle plans.

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