Tuesday, February 12, 2013

iWarII Developments

Every day adding a few new zones to the world, tweaking the unit selection and movement, establishing the values of the land zones.  iWarII development has some good momentum!

From the screen shot here a few things about the new release are apparent:

  • Each Major Power will begin the game with a number of Commanders, randomly generated.  Commanders provide strong leadership bonuses to land forces.  The closer a land unit is to a Commander, the greater the bonus.
  • Commanding your forces will be a simple matter of touching them on the map and dragging them to where you want them to go.  More complicated things, like splitting and combining forces, will be handled via menu buttons.
  • We have a fog of war, and zones outside your visibility range are darkened.
I'm quite excited about the random Commanders aspect.  Rather than Montgomery facing off against Rommel in Africa, the UK player might have his Field Marshall Jeans facing off against Gebaumann and his armored units in Algeria, and US General Pello might be tasked with protecting the Philippines against Japanese invasion.  Each Commander will have a number of randomly generated stats that will determine their effectiveness, and capacity to improve.  Commanders will also gain experience over time.  Losing an experienced Commander will thus be a serious setback.  A new Commander will eventually be spawned at your capital to replace the one lost, but they will begin with zero experience.

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