Friday, February 15, 2013

Divide and Conquer!

This morning sees the completion of some unit management features of the game.  You can divide units by selecting your force counts with the sliders, or the "Half" button, and then tapping the "Divide" button.  The selected Unit nicely divides into two, and the two new units slowly move a few pixels away from each other.

To re-group, you can click the zone itself, and then tap the "Consolidate" button.  All the like-type units will nicely move into one stack, and merge into single units.

Another thing to notice here is how the Commander of the Army is being reported, just above the mini-map.  Armies will fight at a substantial bonus when they are close to a Commander.  Commanders will also help Armies rally and more quickly overcome fatigue.

My thought have turned to how you will raise new forces in the game.  In older versions you simply selected what you want to build and that was that.  But what if it took a realistic amount of time to build units?  It took 2 to 3 years to build a Battleship during World War II.  For game purposes, maybe I could speed this up to 1 year.  But imagine the tough choices that emerge when you have to plan that far ahead?  Building major units is no longer a snap decision, but something you'd really agonize over.

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