Monday, June 29, 2009

ChatNDraw Silverlight Demo

My ChatNDraw Silverlight demo is completed. ChatNDraw is a Silverlight-based chat program that lets you create new chat rooms, chat with others who happen to be logged in, and draw in different colors using a shared blackboard.

ChatNDraw was created using my PrismServer component suite that I just converted to WPF/Silverlight from WinForms (.NET 2.0). I plan to release the source for PrismServer as soon as I can complete the documentation.

ChatNDraw Demo


  1. Good app; it has a lot of potential.

    You should include a "chatbot" that send some messages to make testing the app more fun when nobody else is around.

    The UI could look better ;) (and should scale to take all the space available).

  2. Thanks for the comments and criticism, I agree the UI can use some refinement.