Friday, May 29, 2009

Better Days ahead for WPF

I see after reading this article that the deficiencies in the WPF development experience that I mentioned in the previous blog post are being addressed in Visual Studio 2010. For example, the Property window has an Events button that lets you see the events of a class and set event handlers. It was frustrating to see that missing in the VS 2008 WPF Designer. I know, you can get a list of events by typing a space in the XAML and using Intellisense, but this is a very poor substitute for having the events nicely laid out in the Property window. Also, there are RAD tools that help creating bindings and apply styles to controls. I also noted that VS 2010 will also include a Designer for Silverlight applications. Maybe 2010 will be the year for SV 2010 - WPF and Silverlight editions.

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